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We think we’ve got some interesting experience and professional backgrounds on the MD Consulting team, so it’s about time we told you a bit more about ourselves.  First up is Account Director, Alice, who has been with MD Consulting since 2016. 

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Using PR to Own an Issue

Imagine the scenario. A couple of years ago, the head of communications at a national retailer heads into a board meeting to discuss an issue that she had been thinking about privately, and has finally worked up the courage to discuss with the board.

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Data-pocalypse: How GDPR is the first step towards better use of data within marketing automation

We are now just days away from the compulsory implementation date of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a sweeping overhaul of European data privacy law designed to better protect customer data.

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Negotiation in Marketing

Whilst marketing and PR success is often measured by output, much of our value is derived from our expert knowledge and areas where we humans still have the competitive edge.

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Published in IPRA – Shining a lamp on infographics: What marketers can learn from Florence Nightingale

Alice recently wrote a highly insightful article on how Florence Nightingale, credited as the founder of modern marketing, was also a highly innovative marketer.

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What FinTech Marketers can learn from Florence Nightingale

When we think of Florence Nightingale, we of course think of the Lady with the Lamp, the pioneer of modern nursing, statistician…but do we think of her as a pioneering Fintech marketer?

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The Bots are Coming… The PR & Communications Revolution

In 2013 Ken Schwencke, a journalist and programmer for the Los Angeles Times, developed software to help him (and his newspaper) get earthquake reports out as fast as possible (and ahead of the competition).

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FinTech Trends 2017: Getting down to detail

2016 was something of a big year for politics and financial markets – yet how much actually changed during those 12 months?

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MD Consulting featured in PR Week alongside our fellow founding members of the Global FinTech PR Network

MD Consulting has joined seven other independent PR agencies, based on five continents, with the aim of delivering high-quality PR, communications and strategic advisory services to clients in the fintech industry around the world.

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