Planning for FinTech marketing success

With constant change in the financial markets, as well as the FX and FinTech industries, any time that you spend thinking about your marketing strategy upfront should turn out to be a profitable investment – provided you do it right

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Nurture your clients: A marketing strategy that really works

Sometimes you can be so busy chasing after the next big win that you miss the opportunities that are right under your nose

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FX bankers connect with LinkedIn

With Facebook and Twitter out of bounds, exclusive research by MD Consulting has found that LinkedIn is FX bankers’ preferred social media tool

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Jettison the Jargon – or forget about marketing

If your marketing copy hinges on words and phrases that don’t mean anything to anyone, it’s time for a rethink

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How to win a FinTech industry award

Follow these five tips and you will boost your chances of landing industry recognition in the FinTech sector.

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Fintech marketing strategy: Five steps to creating a winning campaign

How can your FinTech firm generate excellent results from your marketing spend? Martina Doherty explains

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FinTech awards: what’s the point in entering your platform?

There are three good reasons why FinTech businesses should aim to win awards, says Martina Doherty

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