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We think we’ve got some interesting experience and professional backgrounds on the MD Consulting team, so it’s about time we told you a bit more about ourselves. 

In June, we spoke to Account Director, Alice, and this month is Cassie’s turn.  Cassie has been with MD Consulting for just over a year and has worked on a number of client projects during that time. 

So Cassie, what’s your marketing background?

At university, I studied PR and journalism but after graduating I ended up working in marketing, with my first role as a marketing exec within a manufacturing firm in Australia. 

All set for adventure, I moved to the UK in 2007 and continued to work within the marketing function, this time as marketing manager in two tech startups, building their brands and lead pipelines.

I gained invaluable skills and experience across a range of marketing disciplines in these companies because working in startups is always very hands-on. I also learnt a lot about what it takes to start and scale a successful business. When the first company was acquired by a global software firm, I quickly realised I preferred working in smaller teams where we could ship work much faster.

After almost ten years working with just two companies, I moved agency-side to get more experience across a range of finance brands, and to support a remote working lifestyle. Today I work with MD Consulting to support our clients in profile-raising, PR and marketing.

What ignited your interest in working in the fintech space? 

I’ve worked in fintech for quite a while, actually.  The third business I worked for (so back in 2011), was a fintech and I was inspired to take on that role because I could really relate to the pains the company was solving.  The company’s work centred around digital identity and online financial account opening.  When I moved to the UK, I had all sorts of issues and delays in trying to set up bank accounts, and so when this opportunity presented I was keen to get involved and be a part of the solution!

Over the six years I spent with that business, I watched the UK’s fintech scene flourish and was able to build my network not just locally but also in the US where we were really active.  It was actually at an industry event that I first met Martina and Alice – we were all included on Innovate Finance’s Women in Fintech Powerlist, and we got chatting at the launch event.

Within this sector, are you a specialist in any particular area?

In my time working for startups I realised the value of profile-raising and personal branding for company founders and C-level executives.  It helps with everything from lead generation, to raising investment or attracting and retaining great employees.

At MD Consulting I lead a 12-month Profile Raising Programme which combines our extensive media network with expert coaching and skills development to help position clients as industry leaders and help them grow their businesses.  

Can you sum up your approach in three words?

Diligent, detailed, dedicated.

What does a typical day entail for you?

I like to scan the news headlines and run through my Google alerts and the industry news I track for our sector and clients. Then I’ll move onto client work, which can include anything from drafting thought leadership pieces, press releases and award entries, to managing their digital marketing campaigns and analysing their analytics to see where we can optimise and improve performance.  

Have you had a recent success you’re particularly proud of?

A client recently opened an office in Australia and as part of the country launch PR work, I secured them cover story in a leading industry publication.  Hearing back from the client that this coverage resulted in several leads gave me a great boost! 

What does your dream client look like?

For profile-raising, someone who is an expert in their field who is excited about the value they bring to their customers through their product or service.  

Where do you think the future of PR/marketing is heading?

I think trusted and transparent brand storytelling and thought leadership will increase in importance as consumers get more discerning about the companies they want to do business with, not only from a value perspective but also ethos. 

Additionally, as consumers become overwhelmed by interrupted marketing messages online and start to ‘switch off’, literally and figuratively speaking, brands will invest more on personal referrals and building affiliate marketing ecosystems to generate business.

How do you spend your free time outside work?

I live in Athens, Greece and am part of an amazing yoga community made up of very interesting locals and expats from all over the world, so I spend a lot of my free time meeting with friends and making new ones, either on the yoga mat or at our favourite local taverna. I like to get outside the city when I can to explore the beautiful beaches and islands of the country.

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