Social media for B2B marketing: A whistlestop tour – Part 2

Following on from my previous blog on social media for B2B marketing, in this blog I look at social media content, some ideas around what to focus on, how to utilise the talent of your teams and why you should seriously consider video content as part of your strategy.

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Social media for B2B marketing: A whistlestop tour – Part 1

Are you using social media as part of your marketing strategy? Or more to the point, are you using social media effectively to promote your business?

Many B2B businesses assume that using social media isn’t relevant to them or it is an afterthought, just putting out a post on LinkedIn because it seemed like a good idea.

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Five Top Marketing Tips to Build a Successful FinTech brand

Over a 20-year career in FinTech and RegTech marketing, one of my key learnings is that marketing is probably one of the most misunderstood disciplines in business. What I mean by that is that there is a perception that it’s not as difficult or strategic as say Risk, Finance or Technology – all disciplines that require subject matter experts. Despite its recognised status as a chartered profession, marketing still seems to fall into the ‘anyone can do it’ category which then means that the right skills and efforts aren’t always in place. And even when a professional is employed in the role, the marketing function is often not given the same support or management focus as others so just doesn’t have the right attention in the organisation to generate the best possible results.

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Five Questions with…Colin Lambert, The Full FX

Colin Lambert, founder and publisher of The Full FX, is the latest guest in our Five Questions series of blogs, in which we we talk to senior people in FinTech, RegTech and financial markets about their business and the wider market.  Colin gives some excellent and honest advice on how to pitch stories to journalists in the B2B space as well as some insights into the opportunities and challenges for tech firms in FX.

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Five Questions with…Rob Magee, Ingenio

We are delighted to welcome Rob Magee as the first male guest in our Five Questions series, in which we speak to senior executives in FinTech, RegTech and financial markets about current issues affecting their business. Rob shares some advice for candidates looking for a career in the FinTech sector as well as for start-up firms looking to expand their workforce.

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What’s your marketing MO?

In a recent masterclass which I delivered to a group of early phase start-up FinTech businesses I was struck by how marketing is probably one of the most misunderstood disciplines in business.  So many otherwise smart business people assume that undertaking advertising, social media and PR will miraculously elevate their organisation’s profile and ultimately generate more sales.  And when that doesn’t happen as quickly as expected, the assumptions are that a bigger budget is needed, the wrong activity or media were chosen, or even that the timing wasn’t right.  Wrong!

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Five Questions With…Joy Macknight, The Banker

We are delighted to have Joy Macknight as our latest virtual guest in our Five Questions series of interviews, in which we talk to senior women in FinTech, RegTech and financial markets about their experiences in the current climate and the challenges to their business. Joy shares some advice on what to do and what NOT to do in PR,  as well as some interesting insights into the challenges of AI in financial markets and the media industries.

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Five Questions with…Áine Hall, Hawk Search

We are excited to share our first 2021 interview for our 5 questions series. Áine Hall,  a specialist recruiter in the FinTech and RegTech sectors offers some excellent insights into what’s ahead, as well as great advice for both recruiters and candidates at the start of a new working year.

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10 of the best FinTech and RegTech Awards to consider for 2021

Awards are a great way to get your market talking about your business. Last year we published 10 FinTech Awards to consider entering in 2020, which we have expanded this year to include the RegTech sector. Read on to learn how awards can help raise your profile and view the list of 10 Awards that FinTech and RegTech firms should consider for 2021 – all in date order.

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Three ways to increase your chances of securing media coverage

From the Financial Times to Finextra, the Covid-19 pandemic and the US election continue to dominate news headlines, and it can feel like an impossible task to get the media talking about your company. But while these are front-page stories that impact us all, journalists and readers are still hungry for good news stories, especially with so much change and disruption in the world around us.

In a recent Guardian Masterclass “Pitching to journalists: a practical workshop”, Kate Carter, a freelance journalist and the lifestyle editor at The Guardian, shared her advice for business owners, social media experts and PR professionals to refine develop trusted and mutually valuable relationships with the right journalists.

The masterclass was a timely reminder of the proactive things we can do either as company founders, in-house communications executives or PR agents, to be of greater service to journalists. We’ve already talked about the how fintechs can build rapport with journalists on the MD Consulting blog, so here I look at three ways you can make a journalist’s life easier and increase the chances of getting coverage for your organisation.

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Is technology really the ‘solution’?

Why describing your technology as a ‘solution’ doesn’t actually tell me what you do.

I undertook some online competitor research for a client recently and what should have been an informative and relatively easy undertaking became quite the opposite. With so many FinTech and RegTech providers offering “automated solutions to enhance transparency and customer engagement, increase efficiencies and reduce risk”, I honestly had no idea what most of the companies I looked at actually do!  So it became a mission to try to figure it out …

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