Using PR to Own an Issue

Imagine the scenario. A couple of years ago, the head of communications at a national retailer heads into a board meeting to discuss an issue that she had been thinking about privately, and has finally worked up the courage to discuss with the board.

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Why a lack of regulation in cryptocurrency and influencers could be a disastrous combination

It’s a pub quiz question for the ages. What do action star Steven Seagal and former Premier League football manager Harry Redknapp have in common?

No, they aren’t starring in the next mismatched buddy cop action comedy.

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Winning a business award: And the winner is…

Business awards are an often under-used marketing tool. Awards celebrate success and are great PR opportunities – the perfect vehicle for letting current and potential customers know what your business has achieved. Winning an award can open doors to obtaining new business and breaking into new markets.

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Profile Raising: How personal branding for your C suite can bolster company success

Personal branding and profile raising is a key tactic for CEOs and executive teams looking to succeed in business today. So what’s it all about, why do you need it and how do you go about it?

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FinTech Payments: How FinTech & FX cards have changed international travel

We are constantly reading about the FinTech revolution and how new disruptive technology and FinTech developments will change our lives forever. However on a world trip with my husband, where we are currently cycling from London to Auckland, New Zealand, it has been interesting to note that despite this revolution supposedly changing how we manage our money and pay for things, cash is still king in Europe, – with card payments coming a close second.

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Marketing Straplines: Every Little Helps

A marketing strapline can be the perfect tool for building a memorable brand. Alongside the company name and logo, a strapline is a brand’s first chance to engage with customers and secure their loyalty. Get it right, and it will even pass into everyday speech – consider consumer brand straplines such as Just Do It (Nike), Because You’re Worth It (L’Oreal) or I’m lovin’ it (MacDonald’s).

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Why social media is becoming an integral part of successful business leadership

Evidence is mounting that the more active a CEO is on social media, the more likely this is to translate into effective business leadership, a happier workforce and a more competitive business.

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Data-pocalypse: How GDPR is the first step towards better use of data within marketing automation

We are now just days away from the compulsory implementation date of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a sweeping overhaul of European data privacy law designed to better protect customer data.

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