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Industry Events and Conferences: Are you missing a trick?

DATE - 29/06/2016   |  Author - Martina Doherty    |    Blog

Most companies in the financial markets and FinTech space incorporate events such as industry conferences, roundtables, briefings and client outings into their annual marketing plans.

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How to get press coverage in a world of information overload

DATE - 02/06/2016   |  Author - Martina Doherty    |    Blog

Getting your business and its achievements mentioned in the right publications can be a hard slog. Fortunately, there are some key rules to gaining press coverage.

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Value proposition: Do you know what your company ACTUALLY does?

DATE - 03/03/2016   |  Author - Martina Doherty    |    Blog

Rarely a day passes without us hearing about a “new, leading, next-generation platform” that is going to redefine or disrupt financial markets. But many fintech companies fail to clearly describe exactly what it is they do, which may cost them dearly.

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Thought leadership – marketing buzzword or valuable marketing tool?

DATE - 18/01/2016   |  Author - Martina Doherty    |    Blog

Thought leadership is often regarded as a powerful alternative to traditional marketing, leading many companies to refocus their efforts on this activity. But is thought leadership just a marketing buzzword or can it offer real value to fintech companies?

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Planning for FinTech marketing success

DATE - 12/11/2015   |  Author - Martina Doherty    |    Blog

With constant change in the financial markets, as well as the FX and FinTech industries, any time that you spend thinking about your marketing strategy upfront should turn out to be a profitable investment – provided you do it right

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Nurture your clients: A marketing strategy that really works

DATE - 08/10/2015   |  Author - Martina Doherty    |    Blog

Sometimes you can be so busy chasing after the next big win that you miss the opportunities that are right under your nose

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FX bankers connect with LinkedIn

DATE - 10/09/2015   |  Author - Martina Doherty    |    Blog, Blog

With Facebook and Twitter out of bounds, exclusive research by MD Consulting has found that LinkedIn is FX bankers’ preferred social media tool

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Jettison the Jargon - or forget about marketing

DATE - 25/08/2015   |  Author - Martina Doherty    |    Blog

If your marketing copy hinges on words and phrases that don’t mean anything to anyone, it’s time for a rethink

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