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Why Twitter Matters in Marketing

DATE - 10/04/2017   |  Author - David Pawsey    |    Blog

With such a rich variety of digital marketing channels available it can be all too easy to overlook Twitter, or perhaps even be dismissive of its value.

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Building a Buzz: How B2B marketing is evolving

DATE - 01/03/2017   |  Author - Martina Doherty    |    Blog

Looking through old notes proved a useful reminder that even though not that much seems to have changed in marketing, in reality everything has changed. But have these changes all been for the better?

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FinTech Trends 2017: Getting down to detail

DATE - 30/01/2017   |  Author - Alice Thomas    |    Blog

2016 was something of a big year for politics and financial markets - yet how much actually changed during those 12 months?

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Another Year Over… And What Have You Done?

DATE - 15/12/2016   |  Author - Martina Doherty    |    Blog

It can be tempting at this time of year to invest time and effort in planning your business and marketing strategy for the new year ahead, I would urge you instead to first stop and take stock of the last twelve months.

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FinTech 2.0? Time to do business in a better way

DATE - 16/11/2016   |  Author - Martina Doherty    |    Blog

Just as the internet has evolved beyond all recognition from its slow dial-up days and limited interactivity, so too has FinTech matured to something altogether more sophisticated.

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When Press Releases Simply Don’t Work

DATE - 14/10/2016   |  Author - Martina Doherty    |    Blog

Not all press releases will become stories. No matter how well written or how many hours you put into it, sometimes it really just isn’t news.

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Beyond FinTech: Conveying the RegTech Message

DATE - 23/08/2016   |  Author - Martina Doherty    |    Blog

It’s interesting to note how quickly an industry buzzword becomes mainstream and the term FinTech is certainly a prominent example.

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Events and conferences: Worthwhile marketing? Only if you have plan!

DATE - 13/07/2016   |  Author - Martina Doherty    |    Blog

In my last post I talked about the importance of a strategic events programme and how it should be an important lead generator and a customer engagement tool – not just a day out of the office.

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