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Negotiation in Marketing

DATE - 18/01/2018   |  Author - Alice Thomas    |    Blog

Whilst marketing and PR success is often measured by output, much of our value is derived from our expert knowledge and areas where we humans still have the competitive edge.

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Social media: Should we use Instagram?

DATE - 15/12/2017   |  Author - David Pawsey    |    Blog

Social media is still a relatively new but incredibly fast moving industry that is growing all the time. According to Statista 2.46 billion people currently use social media with this number expected to exceed 3 billion by 2021.

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Blade Runner Branding: the power and utility of brands in the 2017 sci-fi blockbuster

DATE - 30/11/2017   |  Author - Matt Fincham    |    Blog

Blade Runner 2049 is a must see film if you’re into science fiction, though you are well advised to watch the original 1982 Blade Runner if you want to get the full story - it’s a sequel after all, albeit one that has taken 35 years to appear.

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Marketing and Sales – are they really that different?

DATE - 16/10/2017   |  Author - Martina Doherty    |    Blog

The role of marketing in the sales process is no longer restricted to providing leads for the sales team. Customer engagement is key, discusses Martina Doherty.

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What FinTech Marketers can learn from Florence Nightingale

DATE - 25/08/2017   |  Author - Alice Thomas    |    Blog

When we think of Florence Nightingale, we of course think of the Lady with the Lamp, the pioneer of modern nursing, statistician…but do we think of her as a pioneering Fintech marketer?

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Building Rapport: How FinTech PRs and Journalists Can Achieve More Together

DATE - 08/08/2017   |  Author - Nicola Tavendale    |    Blog

A quick google of ‘how not to annoy a journalist’ throws up numerous articles. The same is true, although to a slightly lesser extent, for the search ‘how journalists annoy PRs’

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Ethical Drift – FX and Communications industries compared

DATE - 05/07/2017   |  Author - Martina Doherty    |    Blog

Marketing and PR, like many other industries, relies on a mostly principles-led approach to self-governance. But is this the most effective way to uphold standards or does the sector need regulation with a few more teeth?

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The Bots are Coming… The PR & Communications Revolution

DATE - 09/05/2017   |  Author - Alice Thomas    |    Blog

In 2013 Ken Schwencke, a journalist and programmer for the Los Angeles Times, developed software to help him (and his newspaper) get earthquake reports out as fast as possible (and ahead of the competition).

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