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Why a lack of regulation in cryptocurrency and influencers could be a disastrous combination

DATE - 24/02/2019   |  Author - David Pawsey    |    Blog

It’s a pub quiz question for the ages. What do action star Steven Seagal and former Premier League football manager Harry Redknapp have in common? No, they aren’t starring in the next mismatched buddy cop action comedy.

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Why social media is becoming an integral part of successful business leadership

DATE - 18/06/2018   |  Author - David Pawsey    |    Blog

Evidence is mounting that the more active a CEO is on social media, the more likely this is to translate into effective business leadership, a happier workforce and a more competitive business.

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Social media: Should we use Instagram?

DATE - 15/12/2017   |  Author - David Pawsey    |    Blog

Social media is still a relatively new but incredibly fast moving industry that is growing all the time. According to Statista 2.46 billion people currently use social media with this number expected to exceed 3 billion by 2021.

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Two members of MD Consulting recognised in Innovate Finance Women in FinTech powerlist

DATE - 16/11/2017   |  Author - David Pawsey    |    In The News

MD Consulting was delighted to discover that both our MD Martina Doherty and account director Alice Thomas were included on this year's Innovate Finance Women in FinTech Powerlist.

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Why Twitter Matters in Marketing

DATE - 10/04/2017   |  Author - David Pawsey    |    Blog

With such a rich variety of digital marketing channels available it can be all too easy to overlook Twitter, or perhaps even be dismissive of its value.

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